The right module for anyone who:

  • has a need of more control over your processes. 
  • has a goal to better control the consumption of resources. 
  • wishes to have operations carried out correctly and ensure that the defined parameters are met. 
  • seeks a solution to obtain information on your process in an assertive and fast way.
These are examples of questions for which we propose the monitoring system. With it, you can detect deviations and you have the chance to correct them to avoid significant losses having a meticulous control of resources like - water, power, gas, steam, raw material etc. - in a way that makes it possible to continuously optimize the process by actively monitoring the final product.

We are experts in analyzing the status of your plant and indicating the items to be controlled, for example: sugar consumption and losses, water consumption in operations such as CIP, beverage and syrup preparation in a stratified way, consumption of steam for sugar dissolution, guarantee of times, flows and temperatures in CIP, the operations carried out manually, the interruption of automatic operations and the modifications of parameters through operation to streamline processes, etc.

Understand the module REAL TIME PROCESS MONITORING with the example of the fictional company Vision:

Vision has a profitable operation with carbonated beverages, but they have been detecting divergences in the information on the sugar losses in dissolution and treatment. To be able to identify the divergences precisely, they have asked us support in a monitoring study.


Initially we visit the Vision plant to know the current operation and to raise operational data locally with the technical and commercial staff of the company. We seek, in this case, to clearly understand consumption data and ways to control current sugar losses. After a thorough analysis, we deliver a study with a solution proposal to precisely collect information in real time.


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    We align the way to present information with Vision, loss % x volume treated, kg/ day, kg/ month. It is essential that the information be provided in a customized way, that it is clear and within according to what is common to controllers.
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    We define, also jointly with Vision, which alerts/ alarms will be made available for the control team.
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    In close partnership with the managers of the company, we define the professionals and their different levels of access to information, the places with access and the types of devices (mobile, supervisory, monitor, Internet) to be used.


  • Vision hires us to install the monitoring system.
  • We make a new visit to carry out the detailed technical survey of the equipment and systems to be supplied and installed.
  • We plan the purchase of items and services.
  • In partnership with Vision's production planning, we study the best moment for plant shutdown (if necessary) and project execution.
  • We send the equipment to the Vision plant and our technical team coordinates the services on the planned date with the company's own maintenance team.
  • We finished the project with parametrization, testing and assisted operation to ensure the effectiveness of the solutions and the training for the correct use of the monitoring system.

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