The right module for anyone who:

  • is a manufacturer of mineral water and wish to start soft drinks production.   
  • is a soft drinks manufacturer and wants to produce juice. 
  • is a manufacturer of a juices and now wishing to broaden the flavors portfolio. 
  • is a manufacturer of soft drink s and wants to produce tea and/or energy drinks. 
  • plans to use a larger capacity packaging and need to know which process points and utilities need to be adjusted. 

These are examples of strategic decisions that require operating processes to be adapted to new demands. This needs to be done in a planned and rational way to ensure savings and the shortest downtimes.

We are experts in analyzing the status of your plant and proposing a complete solution for the design, manufacturing and installation of new systems/ equipment. We always consider the existing structure and the future planning, bringing them to balance.

Understand the module KEY ENGINEERING FOR NEW PRODUCTS with the example of the fictional company Vision.

The company Vision already operates in the carbonated drinks market and its strategy of expansion in the segment is the production and commercialization of a new line of special juices and teas in PET bottles. As the company wants to minimize the investment risk, they contact us for support in making the necessary adjustments to their existing plant, avoiding installing a completely new factory.


Initially we visit Vision's plant to know deeply the current operation. Locally we gather operational data with the company's technical staff. After careful analysis, we develop the study of all the steps involved in the production of the new product, including the suppliers of the process and the ingredients that will be part of the new formulation.


  • +

    Initial layout
  • +

    Types of equipment and process plan
  • +

    Study of impacts x availability in utilities consumption (simple syrup, water, steam, compressed air, energy).
  • +

    Study of impacts x availability in the CIP system (use, flow rate/ speed, temperature, volumes, necessary steps in the new process).


  • Vision hires us to be able to implement it.
  • We made a new visit to carry out the detailed technical survey of the equipment and systems to be supplied and installed.
  • We plan the purchase of items and services to be contracted.
  • In partnership with Vision's production planning, we plan the best moment for plant shutdown and project execution.
  • We send the equipment to Vision plant and verify the arrival of equipments of all other suppliers.
  • Our technical team coordinates and executes the services on the planned date.
  • We start the new project with commissioning, testing, startup and assisted operation.
  • We train the operational team at Vision.


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