The right module for anyone who:

  • wants to know the needs and particularities involved in a beverage factory
  • has defined your product line and wants to start your production
  • operates in another segment and wishes to start in the industrial beverages segment
  • has a factory and wants to do a study for a new beverage or factory

You already have a clear idea and clear vision of the goals to be achieved. But how to start this process? What are the steps to make the right investment in the correct order?

We walk by your side, guiding you during all the way since the initial briefing, going through the basic technical specifications (processes areas, water, compressed air, steam, N2, power...) until we get to the more complex processes in the specification and operation of the utilities systems, beverage preparation and filling lines.

Understand the module with the example of the fictional company “Vision”.

The company Vision already acts in the food market and has as a growth strategy the expansion of the activities into the beverage segment, using its already existing distribution network. Since it does not have technical experience in this segment, the company hires our consulting service to develop the project of this new factory.


We get together with Vision to know their needs into detail and we do a full data surveying. To reduce investment costs, we carry out an analysis to use the existing plant structure for other processes (such as steam generation, water and effluent treatment, power substation, civil, logistics, etc.).

Then, we present the company's specific needs based on the data gathered:

  • 1

    The necessary resources and their estimated demands and specifications (water, effluents, sugar, energy, steam, compressed air, cooling, labor, chemical products for cleaning, ingredients in the formula, packaging, label etc.
  • 2

    The necessary development of the plant, storage, and administrative areas.
  • 3

    The acquisition of the necessary equipment, such as for water and effluents treatment, air compressors, refrigeration generation, substation, process equipment and beverage preparation, packaging line, etc.


  • +

    Plant layout
  • +

    Types of equipment and process plan
  • +

    Study of impacts x availability in utilities consumption (simple syrup, water, steam, compressed air, energy).
  • +

    Study of impacts x availability in the CIP system (use, flow rate/ speed, temperature, volumes, necessary steps in the new process).


  • |

    We provide Vision with all technical details for the acquisition of equipment and systems for basic needs such as water treatment, effluents, steam generation, power substation, compressed air generation, etc.
  • |

    We provide all technical details for the acquisition of equipment and systems for the production process, such as syrup stage, the process of making the beverage, its packaging, blowing system, bottles transport, etc.
  • |

    We carry out the technical analysis of the offers sent by the suppliers for the equalization and guarantee of compliance with the requirements.
  • |

    We manage the installation of the equipment and the beginning of operation of the new plant with continuous support.


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