Your idea gives you a vision, which is the drive for you to reach your goals. You can find a map to achieve them in out E2GETHER GUIDANCE MODULES.

They are the right direction in the development and full installation of beverage production processes and systems with avant-garde technology.

There are 5 modules, designed to interact and create the balance you wish, according to your performance and profitability expectation.

E2GETHER offers and delivers balance, focusing on a balanced and integrated composition between:

  • Project & Execution
  • Innovation & Reliability
  • Productivity & Investment
  • Technological accuracy & friendliness
  • German Technical Excellence & Initiative


Because together we create a common language for effective communication. Thought is fulfilled and a conceptual structure is created. So together - and in close cooperation - your goals in the production of industrialized beverages are naturally attained.


Five systems composed by modular equipment and interconnected in four versions:  EVOLUTION, ONE, ELEMENT and START. A services system including Installation + Training + Maintenance + Spare Parts and Retrofitting. 

Optimized to work together and ensure operation with maximum productivity. A solution that is always suited to your level of demand, investment capacity as well as to your expansion or upgrade plan.


You already have a clear idea and clear vision of the goals to be achieved. But how to start this process?  What are the steps to make the right investment in the correct order?  

We walk by your side, guiding you during all the way since the initial briefing, going through the basic technical specifications (processes areas, water, compressed air, steam, N2, power...) until we get to the more complex processes in the specification and operation of the utilities systems, beverage preparation and filling lines.


The right module for anyone who:

  • is a manufacturer of mineral water and wish to start soft drinks production.   
  • is a soft drinks manufacturer and wants to produce juice. 
  • is a manufacturer of a juices and now wishing to broaden the flavors portfolio. 
  • is a manufacturer of soft drink s and wants to produce tea and/or energy drinks. 
  • plans to use a larger capacity packaging and need to know which process points and utilities need to be adjusted.

These are examples of strategic decisions that require operating processes to be adapted to new demands. This needs to be done in a planned and rational way to ensure savings and the shortest downtimes.

We are experts in analyzing the status of your plant and proposing a complete solution for the design, manufacturing and installation of new systems/ equipment. We always consider the existing structure and the future planning, bringing them to balance.


The right module for anyone who:

  • wants to ensure that your production process is performing well and without generating losses.
  • wants to identify the constrictions and weaknesses that reduce the efficiency of the process.
  • intends to verify the performance of your process to decide with total assertiveness about the new investments in more productive equipment.

PROCESS OPTIMIZATION: Focusing on profitability? Many times it can be broadened with adjustments and corrections in the existing productive process. For that you have the Process Optimization module.

PROCESS PRODUCTIVITY: Strong demand How to take advantage of it without having to invest in a new process, line or plant? With the Process Productivity module.


The right module for anyone who:

  • has a need of more control over your processes. 
  • has a goal to better control the consumption of resources. 
  • wishes to have operations carried out correctly and ensure that the defined parameters are met. 
  • seeks a solution to obtain information on your process in an assertive and fast way.  

These are examples of questions for which we propose the monitoring system.  With it, you can detect deviations and you have the chance to correct them to avoid significant losses having a meticulous control of resources like -– water, power, gas, steam, raw material etc. – in a way that makes it possible to continuously optimize the process by actively monitoring the final product.

We are experts in analyzing the status of your plant and indicating the items to be controlled, for example: sugar consumption and losses, water consumption in operations such as CIP, beverage and syrup preparation in a stratified way, consumption of steam for sugar dissolution, guarantee of times, flows and temperatures in CIP, the operations carried out manually, the interruption of automatic operations and the modifications of parameters through operation to streamline processes, etc.

Would you like to know more about E2GETHER?


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