About us

We know what we are talking about!

We operate from the city of Cologne in Germany, having a manufacturing unit in Porto Alegre, in Brazil, to serve the Latin American market. We are global-players and our priority is to maintain our work philosophy in all markets in the world.


With you, Ederson Pasquali, Fabio Wobido and Tiago Etges

Year 2001. We were constantly with the customers, in technical meetings, at construction sites and factories to install beverage production systems. We felt the pulse of the market and we wished to respond in the speed that it was demanded and the opportunities were appearing.

We understood that as employees we would never have the autonomy we wanted. We all left behind the safety of good jobs driven by the powerful entrepreneurial prospect. We wanted the power to decide. We wanted to have autonomy managing and developing our equipment and systems.

4 mill+

liters/hour installed


equipment installed





We know what we are talking about!

More than that, we wanted to transform our personal view of great service - ethical and with honest technical and business advice - into reality. The plan was simple, we wanted to bring it to the same level as our passion for engineering.

Our bet was successful and we had a strong growth supported by the speed and quality of the advanced technological solutions presented.

It was also thanks to our empathy and ability to advise our customers on the most varied subjects and different situations in their plants.

Today we operate from the city of Cologne in Germany, having a manufacturing unit in Porto Alegre, in Brazil, to serve the Latin American market. We are global-players and our priority is to maintain our work philosophy in all markets in the world:

  • Personal service
  • Cutting-edge technical solutions that generate sensitive savings to the customers
  • Proximity, both to the customer and to the operation 
  • Simplicity - both in dealing with the customer and with the solutions offered
  • Lean operational structure
  • Competitive price
  • Commercial smoothness

The key to success? It is simple.
We solve our customer's problem. For sure!

Vision, Mission and Values


  • To be the world leader in high technology equipment in beverage processing acting with a focus, candour, simplicity and passion.

The E2PS' way:
Put into practice every day with our collaborators, partners and customers our vision, implementing our mission and following our values with intent.


  • To ensure excellence of beverages produced with our equipment through:
  • Joint work with the customers, considering their needs and characteristics.
  • Transparent action to offer planning, manufacturing, installation, training and maintenance.
  • The conscientious and respectful employment of human resources.
  • The permanent technological development focused in optimizing the use of resources in beverage production.
  • TThe responsible application of good manufacturing practices (GMP).


  • • Empathy
  • • Technology
  • • Commitment
  • • Ethic
  • • Respect
  • • Agility

Our services

Research, development, construction and installation of equipment and systems (software and hardware) for the production of beverages on an industrial scale. 

Thorough and detailed projects for:

  • Continuous mix of components for the final product .
  • Dissolution, filtration, clarification and treatment of sugar
  • Utilities networks (steam, compressed air, cold and tower water etc.)
  • Water treatment for use in the food and beverage industries.
  • CIP installation
  • Creation of process flowcharts
  • Equipment layout
  • Isometric drawings of pipes 
  • Electric diagrams of field installations
  • Electric panel diagrams including PLCs
  • Software development for PLCs, HMIs and supervisory.
  • Programming and installing supervisory system for controlling data processes and acquisition
  • Maintenance, training, original spare parts and retrofitting study and implementation
  • Consulting for new projects, improvements and monitoring.

Our passion

Well solved technical details

We follow the GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices. These are mandatory practices known worldwide for production processes, such as the beverage one. They should comply with the good manufacturing principles established by international regulatory bodies, such as EHEDG from Europe and the FDA from the United States. The focus is to ensure the safety of consumers.

Our technology partners

Siemens, Lanxess, Endress+Hauser, Emerson, GEA, IFM, Kieselmann, Alfa Laval, Allen Bradley and Bürkert.

Our clients

Our joy: Seeing that our solutions really
make a difference to our customers.


Eigelstein 103 – 113
50668 Cologne | Germany


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